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In the Press

I am a frequent guest on technology podcasts and I have been written about in Wired, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, The Mary Sue, and The Daily Beast.


The New Normal: Codes of Conduct in 2015 and Beyond

Model View Culture

Although we can rightly celebrate the progress that we have made thus far, we must also recognize just how far we still have far to go in making this phase in our cultural evolution a success.

The Dehumanizing Myth of the Meritocracy

Model View Culture

Is it enough to be measured by the quality of our code alone?

Codes of Conduct: When Being Excellent is Not Enough

Model View Culture

The idea that the software industry benefits from an unwritten law of unconditional and mutual respect is an extension of meritocratic thinking: it’s as unrealistic as the meritocracy itself.

Why Hackers Must Welcome Social Justice Advocates

All political movements start with an ideology. But when they are set in motion this ideology may become obscured. It is crucial that we constantly scrutinize the manifestation of our principles to ensure that the lofty goals of our ambitions are in line with our actions.

On Opalgate

The important question is: would you be comfortable contributing to a project in which one of the maintainers considered you delusional and whose biological essentialism brought into question your gender identity? For me personally as a transgender woman, the answer is a resounding no.